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Mentoring – It Is a “Just Do It” Thing

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Blog, News, Newsletters

Like most of you, I make time to mentor.  It is often hard to squeeze in.  The calendar is ugly, the projects many.  However, each and every time, whether it is a long-term relationship or a one-off request for a career huddle, I am always enriched by the time I spend with each person.  Is it easy to make time, no, but the reward is great.  Watching junior colleagues form and storm and demonstrating their value is exhilarating.   Here are a couple of thoughts for you to ponder as you step into or beef up your mentorship outreach:

  • Expand your reach – Mentoring a junior healthcare administrator or university student is almost an expectation, but also remember that you can influence middle/high school students as well. 
  • Tap into other industries – Mentoring a young professional from another industry will expand your knowledge!  You get a bit of insight into their world and have lovely synergistic moments. 
  • Reward yourself – While we don’t mentor for the rewards, we all know you can earn credits with ACHE towards volunteerism.  That’s the tangible, so don’t be ashamed to get the credit but know that the pride of supporting someone is also important. 

Recently, I had the pleasure to travel to Reno Nevada to watch one of my mentees check-off one of her goals, performing on the TedX stage and, of course, she nailed it!  She doesn’t work in healthcare, our paths crossed through other work and I look forward to our calls.  We enjoy time together talking about the differences in our work, suggestions to manage the difficult moments, family/work intersection and the goals that we have for ourselves.  Yes, I said the goals WE have for ourselves.  I didn’t include this one on the above list but you should always feel comfortable about sharing YOUR goals, get their perspective.  A CEO/SVP etc. can learn from junior colleagues and students just as much. 

Humility, giving and gratitude will always be cornerstone pillars of our success.  Mentorship plays nicely with all.  Be well. 


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