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ACHE Thomas C. Dolan Career Accelerator Program

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Blog, News, Newsletters

About the Dolan Career Accelerator Program

Research indicates that improved diversity and inclusion in healthcare leadership results in more equitable healthcare outcomes for all communities. In 2021, the Thomas C. Dolan Program expanded to include the Career Accelerator Program. This new component is designed for diverse leaders in manager or director-level positions to support their career advancement. CAP provides education and networking through a virtual environment to help prepare diverse leaders for higher level positions in hospitals, health systems or other healthcare organizations.

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Innovative Curriculum & Format

The Thomas C. Dolan Career Accelerator Program is offered exclusively in a virtual environment through interactive live webinars, self-study materials and networking sessions with peers. Dolan CAP scholars are empowered through a structured curriculum that:

  • Cultivates a strong leadership presence.
  • Sharpens expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Assists leaders in determining their career pathways.
  • Expands capacity to navigate career opportunities and challenges.

Program Features

The Thomas C. Dolan Career Accelerator Program is a 6-month virtual program and includes these key features:

  • Formal leadership education offering the opportunity to earn over 20 ACHE Face-to-Face Education and continuing medical education credits for physicians, nurses and physician assistants.
  • Specialized learning experiences to delve into diversity, equity and inclusion in a healthcare setting.
  • Tailored virtual group mentoring sessions.
  • Frequent networking with a broad range of healthcare leaders, including former Dolan Scholars.
  • Innovative, interactive virtual learning environments.

2023 Program

All Sessions Are Virtual and a Maximum of 1.5 Hours

FebruaryFeb. 13–Program Application Opens
AprilApril 10, 11:59 p.m.–Program Application Closes
MayMay 10–Scholarship Recipients Notified
JuneJune 8–Program Orientation
 June 12–Education Session One
 June 19–Mentoring Circle
 June 29–Networking and Collaboration
 Personal Coaching Sessions
JulyJuly 6–Project Overview Discussion
 July 13–Joint Session: Healthcare Ethics
 July 17–Education Session Two
 July 24–Mentoring Circle
AugustAug. 3–Networking and Collaboration
 Aug. 8–FACHE Advancement Session (Optional)
 Aug. 14–Education Session Three
 Aug. 21–Mentoring Circle
 Aug. 31–Networking and Collaboration
SeptemberSept. 4–Project Updates Discussion
 Sept. 11–Education Session Four
 Sept. 18–Mentoring Circle
 Sept. 28–Chief Diversity Officer Panel Discussion
OctoberOct. 5–Networking and Collaboration
 Oct. 9–Education Session Five
 Oct. 16–Mentoring Circle
 Oct. 26–Project Presentations
 Oct. 30–Project Presentations (Cont.)
NovemberNov. 6–Education Session Six
 Nov. 13–Closing Session
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