ACHE Western Florida Chapter FAQs


Q. Why should I join ACHE?
A. As an ACHE Member, you can benefit from ACHE’s unique array of programs and activities, including board certification, ACHE journal subscriptions, member directory, job center, Leader-to-Leader Rewards program, reduced fee continuing education, research studies, book savings, member online website services, and online education. Read more in our 2024 Member Guide.

Q: How do I join ACHE?
A: To be eligible for Member status, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a commitment to the profession of healthcare management. Go to to join.

Q: What is the relationship between Western Florida Chapter and ACHE?
A. Western Florida Chapter is the award-winning independent local chapter of ACHE for the Western Florida from Ocala, Florida in the north to Naples, Florida in the South. Local healthcare professionals serve on the board and chair committees. Nationally, ACHE is committed to excellence in healthcare management and to offering opportunities for professional and leadership development.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Western Florida Chapter?
A: Your membership in Western Florida Chapter is included in your annual dues to ACHE.

Q: What if I cannot afford to join?
A: We recommend that you attend events as a non-member and then decide if you see value in building your network, continuing education, and career guidance. Membership offers additional benefits, such as job boards, discounted educational opportunities, and mentorship programs.

Q: I have just moved to Western Florida area. Will I become a member of Western Florida Chapter automatically?
A: Welcome! Yes! Your local chapter membership is based on the address in your “My ACHE” profile. Make sure your information is updated on the ACHE website and roster. Update your profile address by logging in at and selecting MyACHE. You will automatically become a member of the Western Florida Chapter. It may take up to a month for that information to be reflected on our chapter membership roster.

Q: I’m an ACHE member, and I just relocated to your area. Can I keep my membership in my old chapter and join Western Florida Chapter?
A: Of course! Your local chapter membership is based on the address in your “MyACHE” profile. Update your profile address by logging in at and select MyACHE. After updating your profile, click on “Helpful Links” then “My Chapter” then “Communication Preferences Setup.” Click the box to add your old chapter, and any other chapter mailing lists you’d like to opt into.

Q: I just joined the ACHE, how do I become a Western Florida Chapter member?
A: When you join as a national member you are automatically an affiliate of the Western Florida Chapter, unless you elect not to participate. When you join the national chapter, your email address and contact information will automatically populate into the local chapter’s roster.

Member Roster Information

Q. How do I update my contact information?
A. To update your profile, visit ACHE’s main website and log into your MyACHE account.

Q. How can I access the Western Florida Member Roster section?
Visit the ACHE login page, when the dialog box appears type in your ACHE username and password.

Q: Can you add me to your mailing list?
A: No, we are unable to add to our mailing list. Since ACHE takes members’ information and privacy very seriously, only members themselves can opt in to ACHE mailing lists.

Q: How can I find out who else is in the Western Florida Chapter?
A: Your ACHE membership gives you access to the ACHE membership roster. We encourage you to explore the roster to discover WFC members who might be nearby or even in your own organization!


Q: How do I get more involved?
A: Join us at our next New Member Orientation. Learn about the benefits of chapter membership, such as access to Chapter resources, opportunities for leadership development, networking, face-to-face credit hours, and preparation for the Board of Governors exam. Also, reach out to us using the Contact Form or on social media using one of the icons above.

Q. I would like to volunteer for Western Florida Chapter
A: We would love for you to volunteer on one of Chapter committees. To learn more about the Chapter and volunteer opportunities, connect with us at Chapter events or reach out to us using the Contact form.

FACHE Credential

Q: What is FACHE credential?
A: The Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives® (FACHE) credential provides you recognition as a leader in healthcare management, demonstrates your competency in all areas of healthcare management, and signifies your lifelong commitment to change and improvement. To become certified, you pass the Board of Governors Exam in Healthcare Management, which is designed to test a well-defined, broad-based body of knowledge representative of professional practice in healthcare management. You can learn more at ACHE’s website.

Q: What are the benefits of the FACHE?
A: The FACHE credential provides recognition as a leader among leaders in healthcare management, demonstrates your competency in all areas of healthcare management, and signifies your lifelong commitment to change and improvement.

Q. I am interested in advancing to Fellow status. Who can I talk to about this?
A. Click on FACHE Credential in the top navigation bar. Here you will find a wide variety of resources to get you started.

Chapter Events

Q: How many events are hosted each year?
A. Western Florida Chapter strives to host monthly events with a variety of face-to-face credit-qualified events, qualified education credit events, and networking. To see all of our upcoming events, visit our Events page.

Q: What are the costs associated with Western Florida Chapter events?
A: Most events have a nominal fee with discounts for ACHE members.

Q: How do I grow my network through the Chapter?
A: Get involved. Attend events, volunteer for committees, and mentor others. Reach out to us using the Contact Form to get started.

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