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A Message From Your ACHE Regent

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog, News, Newsletters

Normalcy. We are all trying to get there but many things have occurred and continue to stretch us and really, what is normalcy?

Over the past three years, our work required creativity, agility, and an enormous scope of humility so we could be the best motivators for our respective teams. Despite very trying days, we know our teams lean on and expect us to provide the direction and assurance—as they should. It’s an important duty as a leader. When it feels hard to be thankful, push, we absolutely have lots to be thankful for, including our family, friends and colleagues. Let out that sigh and step into the crack, even if it is tiring. We have faced challenges head on, repeatedly.

The one thing that is normal, despite the turmoil of recent days, is that the fact we can lean on each other to provide valuable advice and, if nothing else, just for a bit of encouragement. We can count on each other to remind us that hard days always yield valuable lessons and opportunities for the future. In our profession, change is constant and we are built for it. Hold tight to your strength and your relationships, normalcy hasn’t left us.

Happy Holidays all.

Ann-Marie A. Knight, FACHE
Regent for Florida – Northern and Western

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